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Johnson Controls: Business Expending Worldwide
Time:2009-11-13 10:42:38,Count:0

Johnson Controls, the leading global provider of automotive batteries, is expending its global business rapidly in the last years.
In 2005, JCI acquired Delphi's global automotive battery business, including the manufacturer in Shanghai China, and then acquired Fiamm's automotive battery business in 2006.
As the leading suppliers of automotive batteries,JCI has owned the 33% of global market of SLI automotive batteries. And with the development of market in Asia-Pacific, especially in China, JCI has considered the market to be as important as the market in America & Europe.
Up to 2009, JCI has finished the brand transfer from Delphi to VARTA, and finished the planning to the replacement market in China.
It was reported, JCI is planning to invest 90 Million in US Dollars to build new manufacturing base in Changxing of Zhejiang Province in China. The annual production ability of the new factory is expected to reach 4 millions when it comes to operation in the middle of 2010.


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